Pox Americana

"Politics is a disease for dirty little animals." – HST

Political Philosophy

I’ve been passionate about politics for most of my life. I came of age in Reagan’s America and that rubbed off on me, despite the fact that I grew up in a blue collar, Democratic family. In high school I mutated into a foaming-at-the-mouth right winger, bringing my flag-draped, red-baiting jingoism to the debate team. One strong hit of LSD two months after graduation cured me of that nonsense, and I’ve been a two-fisted lefty ever since.

I call myself a socialist, though definitely in the Bernie Sanders/Scandinavian vein. I believe in workers’ rights, universal health care, environmental protection, sensible gun control, and basic rights for all human beings–bread and butter lefty stuff. I hate lies, injustice, greed, hypocrisy, and stupidity and have fought against them most of my life. I am anti-capitalist at my core and agree with Marx when he says that its collapse is inevitable. I have probably been guilty of everything I rail against on many occasions, all the while enjoying the protections and boundless benefits afforded to any white American man.

I diverge with some folks on the left on some issues: I believe in radical free speech and loathe the PC ‘safe space’ culture that has proliferated on college campuses; I am a hardliner when it comes to dealing with North Korea, and I support the death penalty, though only for CEO’s, bankers, and Wall Street fat cats.

So take anything I write here with a grain or ten of salt. My moral certainty erodes with age, as the further in life I stumble, the more I realize that the universe is a murky, ambiguous swamp of a place. That said, Donald Trump is clearly a detestable puddle of shit, and his load of drooling simian supporters the very worst people in America.

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