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Vote for Hillary. Fight for Bernie.


What can I say, other than it’s been a thrilling cage match on the American electoral left? Bernie Sanders–a wild-haired, gesticulating Jewish socialist from the micro State of Vermont–has given the most established, bankrolled, anointed candidate in my lifetime a Lovecraftian scare. He landed several hard punches and threatened an early submission. He set fire to millions of progressives who have been dry in the throat for the emergence of a real, popular progressive in our perpetually right-wing nation. He’s agitated, inspired, and sold out arenas with wild, optimistic enthusiasm, forcing his centrist opponent to tack to the left along the way. Bernie has birthed a tsunami of grass roots support–both philosophically and financially–and our country will never be quite the same. He moved the goal posts. For the first time in American history, the word “socialism” is not seen as a universal pejorative: it is, rather, understood and embraced by millions. But sadly, in a country as large as ours, “millions” just aren’t enough.

Bernie is officially toast. Clinton delivered the knockout punch today, sweeping five states, including the behemoths of Illinois, Ohio, and Florida. It was a great, exciting run, but he’s just not going to get there, even if he picks up gains on the ripe orchards of the west coast. This particular fight is over. He can continue to stagger, steal, and get whupped on some more, or he can tap out.

It will be Clinton vs.Trump in the general. This is what the numbers dictate. It is an is. So guess what? ¬†Despite the fact that the guy saying everything we liked will now never sit in the Oval Office, we need to do everything we can possibly do to defeat Trump, or Shrumpf, or Champion Tit Bigot Eraserdick the XVI. We need to rally everyone to take this moaning mound of isotopic foreskin down. I’m sorry that Hillary doesn’t meet your litmus test for ideological purity (she certainly doesn’t for me), but Trump is beyond odious. He’s a maggoty skidmark, a bellowing State Fair sales pavilion emcee stroking off know-nothing semen scabs. He would be an unmitigated disaster of Chernobylian proportions–an explosive septic supernova for both America and the world. If defeating his clawing ambitions means throwing my weight behind Hillary Clinton, then dress me up in a pantsuit and call me Ben Fucking Ghazi, ‘cuz I’m there.

The stakes have never been higher. This asshole CANNOT be handed the reins of power. There is a storm surge of stupid rolling over us right now and it’s time to sandbag this shit once and for all. What happened in Chicago last week was a good start. Every Trump rally from here on out should be met with thousands of young, pissed off, two-fisted leftists. That’s how fascist rallies are targeted in Europe, so why not in America? It’s time to toss aside the effete, passive image of the latte liberal and instead channel your own Woody Guthrie, Malcom X, or hammer-brandishing Wobblie. Burn your Birkenstocks and strap on a pair of Docs.

In the meantime, vote for Hillary.

She’s not going to change thing massively for the better, but her tenure will be at least be competent. Overall, the USS Hillary will sail smoothly. She won’t smash into any icebergs. She will simply stay the course with the steadiest, if not most exciting, of hands.

Yeah, I know it sucks, but consider the alternative. President Trump? Think about that. Really. Think. And if any of you Sandernistas actually believe that Bernie can win as an independent, you’re high on spray paint, gas, or glue. Or perhaps all three.

Hillary, 2016.



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4 thoughts on “Vote for Hillary. Fight for Bernie.

  1. So Bernie has dragged Hillary to the left, which seems positive, but what, do you think, are the chances that Hillary will lead from that same position? What’s to say that she won’t move slightly left to garner supporters from Sanders, then when she’s in power she’s just the same old centrist?

    My fear for this coming election (as a citizen of earth, a planet which is going to be royally fucked if the US votes Drumpf) is that Sanders has grabbed people’s attention by speaking common sense and that when he’s inevitably defeated, his supporters will be defeated, too. Sure, many will vote for Hillary, but how many of them are going to be so downtrodden that they don’t? Obama wasn’t an awful president, but he campaigned on hope and progressive promises, then led from the center. Fair enough, but that beat the hope out of a lot of folks. When Bernie goes down there’s a danger of that being a knock-out punch perhaps for the youth vote.

    I hope I’m wrong. As it stands, it looks like Drumpf is alienating too many. He’s got his millions of bigots, sure, but for every person he draws he’s turning many away. I could see a few Republicans crossing over for Hillary, but no Democrats crossing for Drumpf.

    Being really optimistic, maybe Drumpf will permanently rupture the Republicans and the US will end up having more than a two party system – in other words, a real democracy! Imagine that…

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    • Yeah, David. I agree with everything you said, other than that no “Democrats” will vote for Drumpf. He will draw some of the white rural Dems on his immigration talk alone. That’s what makes him dangerous.


      • That’s too bad. I hope it really is a small group of already right-leaning bigots. I can’t see his appeal on the left being particularly powerful except in generating hate.


  2. Yeah, but a lot of Dems aren’t really on the “left.” They’re just middle of the road Americans who tend to vote for the party who gives them some lip service.


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